Native Bayong

Native Bayong is the best seller of Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network.

Native Bayong is the best seller native product of Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network using the Romblon leaves with passion and love.

Romblon Bayong is the best seller products of Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network

A coarse sack of woven strips of Romblon leaves used especially in the Philippines. It refers to bags originating from the Philippines made by weaving dried leaves. The leaves used for making the bayong vary but the traditional bayong is made from Romblon leaves.

The use of bayong is common among Filipinos going to wet markets especially in rural areas of provinces.

We strive hard to keep our Romblon Bayong affordable, and follow through by accepting back orders from customers. This is very helpful if they need a quantity greater than our available stock. Our Cabilao Romblon Weavers also derive real benefit from working with us, due to our adherence to the principle of fair trade. In practice, it translates to higher compensation and value that can keep up with the cost of living.

The Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network is also:

HANDCRAFT – this unique native bayong is 100% handmade with passion and love by Cabilao weavers.

AWARENESS – we adhere to aware responsibility of fair trade with our weavers. Our bayongs are environment friendly and produce using sustainable farmed Romblon plant

PERSONALIZED – Cabilao Romblon Weavers souvenir is an excellent answer to a synthetic world that ironically using traditional native fiber is consider unique.

ACCESSIBLE – We take pride that the products come from Cabilao Weaving team and straight to our clients’ hands, this reduces the cost down dramatically.

TOUGH – Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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