Native Purse

This is the cute and the simple native souvenir product of Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network

Native Romblon Purse is the special native product of Cabilao Romblon Weavers.

In addition, Romblon Native Purse made of durable Romblon fibers, dye and woven to fashionable items.

Also, Native Purse’ description are:

  1. HANDCRAFT – this unique Native Romblon Purse is 100% handmade with passion and love by Cabilao weavers.
  2. AWARENESS – we adhere to aware responsibility of fair trade with our weavers. Our jewelry boxes are environment friendly and produce using sustainable farmed Romblon plant
  3. PERSONALIZE – This Cabilao Romblon Weavers souvenir is an excellent answer to a synthetic world that ironically using traditional native fiber is consider unique.
  4. ACCESSIBLE – We take pride that the products come from Cabilao Weaving team and straight to our clients’ hands, this reduces the cost down dramatically.
  5. TOUGH – Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

What is Native Romblon Purse?

  • Made of air – dried Romblon fibers
  • Fits standard
  • Twined Romblon
  • 8 pieces per set
  • Assorted Colors
  • Reusable for any gift forwarding
  • High quality

However, the raw materials are source from Cabilao Island. Our weavers strip the leaves to extract the fiber. The Romblon leaves is then air – dry and woven into our products. It is worth noting that Romblon fiber is very strong and resilient, ensuring that any purse you purchase will be durable and versatile. We reinforce this with close inspection of finish purse to maintain consistently high quality standards.

      We strive hard to keep our purse affordable, and follow through by accepting back orders from customers. This is very helpful if they need a quantity greater than our available stock.

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