Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network starts with passion and love with the Cabilao citizens.

Read on to learn about Cabilao. Our network have been stable product providers since 2012.

We continue providing best quality products to maintain the consistency as a supplier in different places nationwide.

Also, we fulfill the expectations of the customers and provide highly recommended native products.

We are a comforting partner who delivers predictable, consistent products to meet the needs of customer. Weaving is one of the main income of residents in Cabilao Island especially the indigents family.

Also, are a familiar weavers in Bohol aiming to improve the livelihood of the members and provide high quality native products and to give quality jobs especially to the indigenous people in Cabilao.

Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network also promoting this type of business because we aim to make local products accessible. We introduce tourist destinations in the province of Bohol, both Filipinos and foreigners. Also promoting the value of native products using the Romblon leaves.

Repeat and Retell

The Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network is consistent with their quality products. We continue to develop our skills to create more productive and creative individuals to maintain customer satisfaction.

It focuses on the skills of the indigenous people in Cabilao through weaving Romblon leaves.

Be Authentic

The Cabilao Romblon Weavers Network have our own designs and styles which gives you more attractive and passionate with your own way.  

Where more than a thirty weavers of the Island who make handcraft products that are often ordered in bulk and customize with the customer desire design.

Accelerate Trust

The word Trust is the main reason why our business is still exist and our goal is to build good relationship between us. We have regular customers already and still open for any other transactions with in or out the country.

Use Familiar Cues

We are also popular nowadays especially in tourism. The main target of this organization is to promote tourist attraction and minimize the use of materials that can damage our ecosystem.